3SXBhKuO9m4Research Center Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies conducted The 1st Annual International Conference «STS in the Changing World: Politics of Co-production of Science and Technology» (13-14 September 2013, National Research Tomsk State University, Russia).

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Conference program.

The First Annual Conference of the PAST Center seeks to promote the development of social studies of technology in the Tomsk State University and in the Siberian Region. In the contemporary world, socio-technical change takes place under conditions of uncertainty: many social and material actors participate in the innovation process and their interests enter into complex multiple relationships. Science and Technology Studies brings together scholars from many disciplines whose research can explore these relationships from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The field of STS is growing rapidly in Russia and Russian STS network is being formed. The main purpose of the 2013 PAST STS conference is to create a regional platform for initiating a dialogue between those scholars who are interested in the STS approaches. The Tomsk State University is an excellent place for being such a platform due to its long-standing history as a prominent academic and scientific center. Today Tomsk is one of the biggest scientific, technological and educational centers in Asian Russia.

The Conference Committee extends an opportunity to explore approaches in Science and Technology Studies (STS) focusing on various types of interaction between science, technology, and society. The conference sessions will cover four main topics:

  • Politics of innovation;
  • Sociology of technology;
  • Expert knowledge;
  • Technology assessment

The keynote speakers of the conference were:

  • Arie Rip, Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology in the School of Management and Governance of the University of Twente;

You can read his paper «Reinventing Innovation» (published in: Maarten J. Arentsen, Wouter van Rossum, and Albert E. Steenge (eds.) The Governance of Innovation. Firms, Clusters and Institutions in a Changing Setting) from our website.

  • Victor Vakhshtain, the Head of Department of Theoretical Sociology and Epistemology, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration;
  • Elena Simakova, Lecturer at the University of Exeter, Academic Adviser of the Research and Educational Center ‘Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies’.

Languages of the Conference: English and Russian. See more details here.