Call for participants: Summer school “Science as a form of life: Watching heterogeneous communities in the ‘field’ (July 10th – 20th, 2016). Organizers: Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research (TSU LSAR), Centre of Excellence ‘Bio-Clim-Land’, Scientific Research Institute of Biology and Biophysics, Center for Political Analysis of Science and Technologies (PAST Center). Guest speakers: Bina Elisabeth Mohn (Zentrum für Kamera-Ethnographie, Berlin), Stephen Hilgartner (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA), Sergei Kirpotin (Bio-Clim-Land’ Center of Excellence), Evgenia Popova (PAST-Centre), Irina Popravko (LSAR TSU), Andrey Kuznetsov (PAST Center TSU), Ivan Tchalakov (Plovdiv University, Bulgaria, PAST Center TSU).

Location: Stationary Biological Laboratory Kaybasovo, Krivosheinsky District Tomsk Oblast.

6dl87Ckqwzo-300x300The school aims to train B.A. and M.A. students of social sciences in applying new theoretical approaches in the anthropology of science, with the process of researching being conceptualized as a heterogeneous community inhabited by different types of agencies (actors) – human, non-human (domestic and wild natural beings), artifacts, and other technical facilities, which are included in various forms of association and cohabitation.
It will explore the world of scientists that work at biogeochemical laboratories and will study their methods of remote environmental monitoring through in-city participant observations.
The school comprises the following components:

  • theory training at the Laboratory for Social and Anthropological Research at TSU, Tomsk),
  • fieldwork to collect data at the Biochemical and Environment Remote Monitoring Techniques Research Lab Kaybasovo (Krivosheinsky District Tomsk Oblast);

Planned activities include:

  • Lectures and seminars on major theoretical approaches to studying heterogeneous communities in science and technologies (laboratory studies, actor-network theory, sociology of attachment);
  • Methodological seminar, titled «Field research methods to studying laboratories and research teams as heterogeneous communities»;
  • Field research at Kaybasovo (Krivosheinsky District Tomsk Oblast);
  • Workshop on methods of analysis and synthesis of collected field data;
  • Student Science Session with presentations of students’ research papers.

Travel, food and lodging in the field are to be covered by the host organization.
Travel expenses (to and from Tomsk), accommodation and meals for the duration of stay in the city of Tomsk are to be borne by participants themselves (the organizers are currently studying possibilities of issuing a number of travel-grants for non-local participants).

As the fieldwork is to be held outside the city where participants will have the opportunity to experience the field as it is, please take the following measures for your own safety:

  • You should have a health insurance and be vaccinated against tick borne encephalitis;
  • You should have warm water-proof clothing and boots, and protective clothing against mosquitoes and other insects.

Participation fee – 2 000 rubles

The application includes the following documents:

  • registration form (full name, date of birth, place of work or study, education and/or work experience, research interests, fieldwork experience, knowledge of foreign languages, postal address, email address, phone number – see supplement 1);
  • motivation letter (300 — 350 words);
  • CV with a list of publications (if any).

Applications should be submitted electronically by May 31, 2016 the latest, to:,

STS Tomsk Summer School 2016