The program of professional retraining » Innovation Management» is a one-year program with courses you chose.

You can join any of the courses in the current Master program and get as many courses as you are interested in. In total, you must earn at least 42 credits. In addition to courses, we do collective (in January) and individual (in July) project work.

What the programm gives you?

TSU diploma on professional retraining of the established sample, in other words, the second specialty;
opportunity to get a diploma of the master’s program «Innovation and society: science, technology, medicine» for one year after the end of the program

Who is the program for?

To the students of socio-humanitarian (sociologists, anthropologists, historians, political scientists, economists), technical (engineers, IT specialists) and natural sciences (chemists, biologists, physicists, specialists in medicine, biotechnologies and biomedicine) directions.

What courses can you choose?

Innovation Management (6 ECTS)
Introduction to Innovation Research (7 ECTS)
Scientific and technical policy (9 ECTS)
Health and Disease Management (9 ECTS)
Health Management: Social Science Opportunities (6 ECTS)
Health of the Future: Integrative Approaches to the Organization of Health Care (9 ECTS)
Health Innovation (6 ECTS) *
Knowledge production sites (6 ECTS)
Science, technology, society (9 ECTS)
Applied questions of social studies of science and technology (6 ECTS)
Design of social research of scientific and technical processes (9 ECTS)
Methods of data analysis for social research (8 ECTS)
* The course will take place with a minimum of 8 students.

Program duration: 10 months