4th Biannual Conference Social Sciences & Health Innovations:  Multiplicities will be held on May 23-25, 2019, in Tomsk (Russia). This conference invites participants to discuss the notion of multiplicity and to engage with a diverse range of multiplicities that are too often bracketed in attempts to understand and address health problems and health innovations.

Patients have needs and priorities, they live lives in their own ways. Doctors follow their own routines and concerns. Public health professionals think in specific categories and rely on their own tools to do their job. Policy-makers, caregivers, medical technology developers, the list can go on — they all do things differently, populating their own worlds, often separated from others by divergent notions and practices of health, disease, knowledge, pathogen, and body.

How, then, can health innovations relate to these different worlds and made to work for them? One inspiring way to answer this question starts from acknowledging the need to engage with multiplicities, including the multiplicity of valuable types of evidence, multiplicity of forms that diseases assume for different actors, and multiplicity of biological species involved in producing good and poor health.

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