The defense of the master’s dissertations of the first ‘generation’ of the Master program «Innovations and society: science, technology, medicine» took place! All the guys are great! Many thanks to them — they are the first, it was not easy, but they managed.

Many thanks to the colleagues from the Department for  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development of the Tomsk Region — Alexander Osadchenko, who headed the Exam Commission and Artsimovich Natalya, who also joined the commission.

There were many interesting questions, interesting observations and useful recommendations!

The practical results of the first graduates of the Master program are:

Dissertation of Galina Serbina «The interaction of universities and industry in the scientific and technical policy of the Russian Federation» was recommended to publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Three of our students got jobs at high-tech companies.

Two master dissertations were ordered by local companies.