Members of PAST-Centre Eugenia Popova, Ivan Tchalakov and Olga Ustyuzhantseva gave lectures for the participants of the Third International Summer STS School «ANTHROPOLOGY OF SCIENCE AND MODERN FORMS OF LIFE: Camera Ethnography approach in the study of laboratory practice» on June 22 — 29, 2019.

Eugenia Popova spoke about citizen science: the concept, history, and cases, and hold practicum on citizen participation in scientific research.

Ivan Tchalakov gave lectures  “Introduction to STS: history, basic concepts. methodology » and «Science as a form of life: from isolated research to science in the open air».

Olga Ustyuzhantseva introduced the concept of grassroots innovation and presented informal creative practices of local communities as a source of innovation in India, Brazil, and African countries.  She held a brainstorm session with the participants on methodological aspects of studying grassroots innovation in Russia.