WHO: The Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies (PAST-Centre) was founded as part of the Department of Philosophy, Department of Psychology and the International School of Management at the Tomsk State National Research University in 2012.

WITH WHOM: The project partners are the European University at St. Petersburg and the Perm State National Research University (Centre for Comparative History and Political Science).

WHERE: Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology of the Tomsk State National Research University.

WHAT: The educational activities of the PAST-Centre are devoted to the development of the Master’s Program in the Sociology of Management, in cooperation with the Department of Sociology.

  • The development and teaching of new courses for the Masters in Sociology, including «A New Paradigm in the Sociology of Science», «Social Factories of Innovation», «Technology Policy in Russia», «The Sociology of Innovation,» and others.
  • Series of lectures given by invited leading researchers on subjects taught by the PAST-Centre.
  • Conducting public scientific workshops (twice monthly) with the participation of leading academics. The workshops will begin in October 2012.
  • Organization of summer schools for graduate students and young scientists each year in September.

The academic activity of the PAST-Centre focuses on interdisciplinary studies of technological development. Research topics include technology development policy for communal urban infrastructure, the social aspects of the technological modernization of health services, innovative business development policy, cultural policy in the context of technological development, and scientific research teams and networks.

Research projects of PAST-Centre faculty:

  • Establishment of a resource center for the social and policy study of technologies
  • Holding the annual International Conference annually in September
  • Holding a competition for trips and presentations at international conferences among Tomsk State National Research University students and teachers throughout the year
  • Holding an annual essay competition for academic work by students, graduate students and young researchers on the subject of social and policy studies of science, technology

HOW: This new approach to research and education is guaranteed by four conditions.

• Members of the new generation of researchers and teachers with scientific doctoral and candidate degrees in the sociological, political and philosophical sciences, or doctors of philosophy (Ph.D.), and international academic and research experience obtained at foreign universities: London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Michigan, University of Helsinki, GeorgeWashingtonUniversity, the University of California at Berkeley.

• Visiting professors from leading Russian and international universities, lecturing in English and Russian and participating in the academic research conducted at the PAST-Centre.

• Academic mobility which supports the presentations by the best students and teachers at the PAST-Centre and Tomsk State National Research University at major conferences.

• The quality of the research and education programs at the PAST-Centre is ensured by the independent International Advisory Board, which includes Elena Simakova (Business School of the University of Exeter, UK), Scientific Director of the PAST-Centre; Boris Kolonitskii (European University at St. Petersburg); Alexander Etkind (Cambridge University); Mary McAuley (University College, London); Steve Smith (Oxford University); David Woodruff (London School of Economics and Political Science).

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