Location: Small Conference Hall of the Scientific Library, National Research Tomsk State University, Lenina, 34а.

Lecturer and moderator: Susanne Bauer (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany).

This lecture and round table explore temporal dimensions of togetherness. Current practices and trajectories of medicine and (bio)medical sciences in the post-Soviet territories have absorbed remembered and forgotten narratives, hopes, conflicts and values. To understand the here and now of medical science and practice, we need to depart from ideas of transition and linear progress. Rather we need to study the complex entanglements of the past with current challenges and opportunities opened up by new technologies, reorganizations in governance regimes and the shifts in the role of the public, the state as well as academic and professional communities.

The round table brings together scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to trace and reflect on the half-presences of the various pasts, which continue to co-shape health-related fields in post-Soviet settings. Analysing the entangled histories of technological and organizational change, the round table discussion contributes to a better understanding of how to approach issues faced by medicine and (bio)medical sciences in post-Soviet locations today. This also helps to foster a productive interaction and collaboration between scientists and health professionals in these locations and elsewhere.

Key round table presenter:

Mikhail Gribovskiy (National Research Tomsk State University) ‘Medical research in classic university: Russian traditions, practices, and perspectives’.

Round table participants:

Antonina Doroszewska (Medical University of Warsaw); Maria Kazakova (Medical University-Plovdiv); Olga Melnikova (National Research Tomsk State University); Tetiana Stepurko (National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’); Ivan Tchalakov (National Research Tomsk State University, University of Plovdiv); Olga Zvonareva (Maastricht University, National Research Tomsk State University).

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