Location:  Room № 022, Building № 4, National Research Tomsk State University, Moskovsky trakt, 8.

Research Seminar for students, researchers and anyone interested in social studies of medicine «How to study socio-medical innovations in the wild?», May 21, 18:00.

Lecturer: Klasien Horstman (Maastricht University, The Netherlands).

This seminar provides an introduction in qualitative research of socio-medical processes and practices in health and medicine ‘in the wild’ from a constructivist perspective. That implies the idea that practices are considered as being constructed in complex interactions and processes. The meaning of concepts (health, risk, body, human, social, individual, economy, etc.) is not taken as a given but rather as being constructed in these interactions, and we follow the sociological Thomas theorem: if men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences. The construction of meaning (although these meanings are considered as untrue or non-rational by others) has consequences.


In the seminar we will address subjects like the role of theoretical concepts in a study, how to collect and analyze data, how to account for quality, how to organize responsiveness or participation, how to perform transparency while studying practices ‘’in the wild’’, and how to deal with ethical issues.  We will illustrate these questions by taking examples from different concrete studies: studies of the co-production of genetic testing and everyday family life, the construction of health practices among lower educated social classes, the analysis of the back office of clinical trials, a study of the knowledge culture of organizations on the interface of science and policy, and how to analyze health promotion practices?

Please prepare a short introduction (3 minutes) of your own study and questions that we may deal with in the seminar.

 Klasien Horstman is Professor of Philosophy of Public Health at the Maastricht University. She is the Head of the Research Programme in Health, Ethics and Society.  This research programme aims at reflection on developments in biomedical and public health technologies and the social consequences, thereof, and aims to contribute to the public governance, social robustness and normative guidance of these innovations.

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