«STS in Seven Days» Summer School was held on September 09-17, 2013.

Science and Technology Studies (STS) are widely discussed in the West and are little known in Russia. STS is an inter-disciplinary research of science and technology which originates from sociology of science and examines the process of making knowledge and creating technologies (by scientists in laboratories and engineers in industry) and their social impact. The classic works of the STS scholars suggest that science and technology are not neutral, and are influenced by various social and political factors.

The purpose of the school was to promote Science & Technology Studies. The event was attended by people from Moscow, Volgograd, St.Petersburg. Arkhangelsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk and some other. Participants of the school were, in a sense, ‘black boxes’, given that we knew little about them apart from what they wrote in their intent letters. In turn, for them the summer school was a sort of ‘black box’ too, which has to be opened during the seven days. Imagine for a moment that there’s a voluminous handbook “Introduction to STS”. Where to begin and how to navigate through the texts that have been published over the last forty years?

The program of the Summer School covered only classic works which are essential for those who are interested in STS. The program featured Robert Merton, Harry Collins, David Bloor, Trevor Pinch and, undoubtedly, Bruno Latour. The guest lecturers – Viktor Vakhstein, Elena Simakova, Andrei Kozhanov and Olga Melnikova – introduced participants of the Summer School to basics of STS.

Series of Lectures

  • Logics of Research: From Metaphor to Interpretation, Viktor Vakhstein
  • Sociological Theory of Materiality, Viktor Vakhstein
  • Researches of Laboratories as the STS Pivotal Point, Andrei Kuznetsov
  • Actor-Network Theory: The History of a Betrayal of Social Constructivism in STS, Andrei Kuznetsov
  • Studies of Technology Between Social and Technology Determinisms (SCOT, T.Hughes, L,Winner), Andrei Kuznetsov
  • The Rise and Fall of ANT, Viktor Vakhstein
  • Sociology of Science: Development of Merton’s Paradigm, Andrei Kozhanov
  • Sociology of Science: Various Versions of Sociological Relativism and Social Constructivism, Andrei Kozhanov
  • Studies of Technology in ANT, Andrei Kuznetsov
  • Sociology of Experts and Expert Knowledge. Co-Production of Science and Social Order, Andrei Kozhanov
  • Technocentrism and Utopian Imagination, Viktor Vakhstein
  • Sociology of Medicine, Olga Melnikova
  • Sociology of ultramundane, Mikhail Sokolov
  • Technoscience: Science and Technology Through Sociology of Expectations, Elena Simakova
  • Technology as a Text, Elena Simakova