SGSN3-Ya6YQResearch workshops are two-day workshops that address one of the research areas of the Centre. Workshops feature recent researches, and the Center invites leading researches in the field to discuss the research results. These workshops are held two or three times per year.


The PAST Centre has conducted the workshop ‘POLICY PAPERS. Writing Policy Papers for Various Applications’. Writing policy papers is an integral part of research in social and political sciences. Expert assessments presented in the papers are used in the real-life policy-making process. The series of master classes will teach how to write policy papers on various social and political issues and ways to deal with them. Guest lecturer: Dr. Maria Nozhenko, Ph.D. in Politics, Director (Centre for European Studies, European University at St. Petersburg), associate professor (Department of Political Science and Sociology, European University at St. Petersburg).


3SXBhKuO9m419 — 21 March 2013 the PAST Centre has conducted the «Indian Culture and Science Days»: lectures, seminars and open discussions about technological developments in India. India is a country blessed with a stable growing economy, immense domestic market and skilled workforce. Also, advances were made in information technology, biotechnology, space industry and power industry. These achievements bode well for cooperation in business, science and education. How can Russia and India forge new relationships and enhance existing ones? What innovation processes may underlie further cooperation? What programs and agreements lay the groundwork for the efforts? The workshop addressed these and many other issues. Prof. Anil Gupta, grassroot innovation enthusiast, founder of the international grassroot innovation network Honey Bee Network, addresses these and many other issues.