140314eusp-es04The PAST Centre has conducted master classes ‘Writing Policy Papers for Various Applications’. Writing policy papers is an integral part of research in social and political sciences. Expert assessments presented in the papers are used in the real-life policy-making process. The series of master classes will teach how to write policy papers on various social and political issues and ways to deal with them.

Guest lecturer:
Dr. Maria Nozhenko, Ph.D. in Politics, Director (Centre for European Studies, European University at St. Petersburg), associate professor (Department of Political Science and Sociology, European University at St. Petersburg). Maria Nozhenko studied the nation-building in the post-Soviet Russia, gaining her Ph.D. in 2002. She is a co-founder and director of the Centre for European Studies – EU Centre of European University at St. Petersburg. Dr. Nozhenko participated in twelve research and educational projects, and managed four of them. Throughout the 2000’s she joined research internships hosted by universities of Finland, Italy, Germany and the US. She also participated in collaborative research projects supported by the Volkswagen Foundation, the European Commission, the Academy of Finland, the ISE Center, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Ford Foundation, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Her articles were published in the following journals: Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review, Political Science, Women’s Rights in Russia: Law and Practice and the following books: ‘National States in Europe’ (2007) and ‘The North-West of Russia: The Region or the Regions (2010).

The three-day workshop addressed three related topics:

  • Master class ‘Applied Research. The Specifics’. The master class addresses the most salient issues in methodology of applied research with particular focus on the basic principles of applied research organization. The master class offers an opportunity to systematize the methods of social research and distinguish between academic research and applied research.
  • Master class ‘Policy Papers, Their Purpose and Target Audience’ highlights the types of policy papers and gives an overview of ‘policy’, stages of the policy cycle and the actors involved in policy formulation, adoption and implementation. The focus is on the links between the stages and the content of policy papers.
  • Master class ‘Policy Papers Writing Guidelines’. The master class provides an introduction to the guidelines of policy paper writing, covering the issues from choosing the headline to writing practical recommendations.