PAST Centre invites students and graduate students from any Tomsk university, regardless of their year or qualification, to join the Centre’s project ‘Research Workshops’ and do their own researches.

Project duration: March 17 — May 10, 2014

About research workshops

The research workshops offer you a chance to:

  • meet creative people, including lecturers, experts, graduate students and university students.
  • learn the basics of sociology data collection during four introductory sessions.
  • make research projects in teams of three to five people.
  • participate in a collaborative project allowing you to use research skills and learn to collect and analyze data.
  • active participants and best projects will be rewarded.

Research areas

1. Natural Sciences Going International: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
How Russian scientists adopt to international research practices. Differences between Russian and international research practices.

2. Innovation Teams in Universities and Industry
How innovation teams are formed in universities and industry. Ways of their creation and development.

3. Evidence-Based Medicine and Expertise: Scientific Knowledge and Medical Practice
How innovations emerge in medicine and where they lead. How innovations affect patients and medical practice.

4. Development of Expert Community in Tomsk
Who are experts and how to become one. Expert community and its development. How urbanites choose experts.

5. Social Ethnography of Public Transport in Tomsk
What happens when we use public transport. Social interactions related to public transport. How mobility, municipal policy and perception of the urban space are connected.