ImagePAST centre is pleased to announce a grant competition for master program ‘Sociology of Management’.

Successful grant-holder:

1. will have a bachelor degree from any university and be enrolled at Tomsk State University, Department of Philosophy, Sociology Division, Sociology of Management.

2. will be interested in studying social aspects of science, medicine and technology.

Grant amount:

400 USD per month for Tomsk residents, and
500 USD per month for non-residents

Number of grants: two grants are available for master students majoring in Sociology of Management

Research fields:

  • Economics and politics of technological change: innovations, study of adoption and implementation of federal and local programs in the field of science and technology;
  • Social biography of artefacts; customer power as a force that determines development of science and technology;
  • Medical technologies and their impact on social processes (changes in quality of life, identity, social practices, groups);
  • Academic performance management: assessment of individual research performance (number of publications and citation indexes) and university performance (university rankings);
  • Study of cultural and social practices adopted by various social institutes in regard to use of technologies.

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Preference will be given to applicants whose study areas are relevant to the study area of the PAST Centre, willing to take courses related to studies of science and technology and participate in relevant projects of the PAST Centre and prepared to devote sufficient time to reading scientific literature in English and other foreign languages.

Grant-holders are expected:

  • To have good academic performance and good academic standing
  • To demonstrate adequate progress toward the degree
  • To participate in scientific activities of the PAST Centre

Assessment criteria:

  • Relevance of the applicant’s study area to the study area of the PAST Centre
  • Willingness to devote time to reading scientific literature in English
  • Commitment to improving research skills, including participation in the PAST Centre’s projects

Preference will be given to socially disadvantaged individuals (the disabled, people living below the poverty line, single parents, people from dysfunctional or single-parent families), cultural minorities etc.

Application documents:

1. Free-format research proposal with research plan which forms a basis for the applicant’s master’s thesis in social studies of science and technology;
2. Sample research paper (10 to 15 pages);
3. CV;
4. Copy of the degree certificate;
5. Documents confirming the applicant’s disadvantaged status (if any);
6. Other documents evidencing your skills and knowledge (foreign language proficiency certificates, awards and merit certificates, articles etc.).

Application process

Please send documents to the Centre’s email address before 30 June 2013 (current master students majoring in Sociology of Management) or 20 July 2013 (new master students majoring in Sociology of Management). The PAST Centre and the Centre’s research supervisor will review the applications and arrange an interview for short-listed applicants (face-to-face, via telephone or Skype). Applicants will be informed of the decision before 5 September 2013.

Terms and conditions of grants

Two-year grants will be provided for the entire duration of master’s degree. To ensure continued funding, the grant-holder is required to submit a performance report at the end of each term. Upon review of the report the grant is either re-awarded or a new grant competition is announced.