Director of the PAST-Centre, PhD, Tomsk State National Research University.



Research interests: S&T and innovation policy, innovation studies, regional innovation systems, innovation policy, inclusive and sustainable development (development studies), grassroots innovations.

CV Ustyuzhantseva

Selected Publications:

Ustyuzhantseva O. 2018. Information and communication technologies of India: a history of success. Asia and Africa Today Journal, №107 Oct. (in Russian)

Ustyuzhantseva O. 2017. Studies of inclusive innovation in socio-technical systems: The cases of Russia and India. Innovation and Development Journal, Jan. 2017,

Daniels, C., Ustyuzhantseva, O., Wei, Y. 2017. Innovation for inclusive development, public policy support and triple helix: perspectives from BRICS. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, Jul. 31, 2017

Ustyuzhantseva O. 2017. Internationalisation in a non-market environment: The case of Russia. Chapter in book ‘The Globalisation of Internationalisation: Emerging voices and perspectives’, Routledge. 2017 ;  121-130

Ustyuzhantseva O. 2016. Cooperation in education between Russia and India. Siberian Historical Research.N3. 2016 (in Russian)

Ustyuzhantseva O. 2015. India: science, technology and innovation development. Monograph.Tomsk State University Publishing House (in Russian), ISBN 978-5-94621-501-5. 240 pages.

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Ustyuzhantseva O., Lara de Arruda P., Nafey A., Slingsby A.K. 2015. ‘Educational Systems of the BRICS countries: preliminary findings of a comparative, present and future time, adequacy analysis’ paper presented at VII BRICS Academic Forum in Moscow, Russia. May, 25.

Ustyuzhantseva O. 2014. From policy statements to real policy. Current Science. Vol. 106. No 11. P. 1472–1474.